How to apply and get approved for Google AdSense the first time

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Google AdSense

The things you need to do to your website before you apply for the Google AdSense program

How to apply and get approved for Google AdSense the first time

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program connecting website owners with advertisers

What you need to get started with AdSense

  • A Google account
  • Original content that complies with AdSense program policies
  • Phone number and post office address
  • Bank account (generally)

Other AdSense application Options

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Can apply if you use blogger
  • Can apply if you have a YouTube channel

Getting Paid From Google AdSense

  • Google pays monthly, and payments are issued between the 21st and 26th of the month
  • No early payments
  • Payments are made via direct deposit, wire transfer, or check
  • Bank information is required, and must be located in the country you list in your address
  • Payment options can be restricted depending upon where you live or which address you provide to Google (they do verify your address listed by mailing you a code)
  • Can’t change the currency you get paid in

Original Content Complying with Google Program Policies

  • Original and not subject to copyright
  • Does not encourage clicks or views (such as offering compensation for clicks or page views, or for performing searches, raising money, through written language, video or images)
  • No pornography, adult or mature content
  • No adult themes in family content
  • NO dangerous or derogatory content (threatens harm, harasses or intimidates
  • Promotes recreational drugs
  • Alcohol related content (online sale or promotion of irresponsible consumption)
  • More details please visit Google AdSense program policies

Do These Things to Your Site before Applying

  • Simply your site, make sure the navigation is simple and easy (messy will not get approved)
  • Get rid of any widgets that aren’t needed
  • Get rid of all pop-ups, pop-unders, Zero bounce or other plugins that control the user
  • Make sure you have a privacy policy, about us and contact page posted on each page of your website, and tint they are easy to find Make sure your name (the only that intend to apply to AdSense with) is visible on the site, and that 7 there’s an actual email address for the site • high Quality content
  • Make sure your language is supported by Google AdSense
  • Use a top level domain (.com is the best)
  • Remove other ad networks
  • Check traffic sources (no illegal traffic)